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End of 2014

End of 2014.



Postcard Poetry Fest 2014

Postcard Poetry Fest 2014.



Postcard Poetry Fest 2014

I cannot wait for the PCP fest to begin.It is year 8 of the fest & year two ,for me.One just writes a poem  on a postcard without eraseing or editing & spontaneity is the key! I received 48 postcards last year.

I am not a poet, yet I have taken a few poetry courses…the best.Modern Poetry known as MOD PO from Coursera online from Penn, yes U of Penn in Philly & it is free,yes free.

The professor is Al Filries….teaches one to close read a poem. he even  gets to know many students by name ;for an online course of over 40,000 last September.The course starts again 9/6/14.I finally get it.I have been a poetry fan all my life.

My son gives me The Best American Poetry yearly edition, every year since college.


This is about the Poetry Fest.I will attach a link to sign up by 7/26/14.

Here is the link to sign up for the PCP fest 2014.One sends a postcard poem for every day of

the month of August.One sends 1 a day,5 a week, whatever works.

One will receive the entire list of addresses & he/she writes to the 31 people or more, below his/her name.



Just got back from visiting my two granddaughters. The baby, 2 1/2 calls my name a lot. We played outside by running in the grass after a week of rain. I hate leaving my two grand girls…can they become too attached? I don’t think so. Miss you both  already girls.I will miss you both climbing in my bed in the morning & at bedtime. The circle of life goes on. I worried about my son as a parent, now my grand babies.